Automated Electronic Forms

Quickly and accurately collect the information you need with automated electronic forms. Forms automation software is a great way to increase productivity and speed up the flow of business processes, by securely capturing information and transferring electronic data using a standard form (vs. paper forms).

Formatta provides all of the tools and functionality required to meet the ever increasing demands of the Information Age for forms design, automation and data entry and collection.

Formatta’s product suite consists of two end-user applications: Formatta Designer for designing electronic forms and Formatta Filler for filling out these forms. Filler is freely available on Formatta’s website and other partner sites. In concert with Designer and Filler, Formatta E-Forms Manager and Formatta Server allow a business to automate every facet of form processing. Formatta Server works with your existing database and website for XML output, imaging, pre-filling forms, encryption and much more.

With Formatta Filler and freely distributable portable form files (PFF), now anyone can fill out forms, save, route, print, email, post to a website or use on a local area network. As forms are filled, they can be automatically validated by the form itself, eliminating incorrect entries and improving the accuracy of data collection.

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Formatta E-Forms Manager is a server-based application used for the management, publication, signing, submission, and processing of electronic forms. It provides many capabilities for routing, automating and integrating forms and data with other systems. BROCHURE DOWNLOAD


Filler gives users the option of completing electronic forms offline, and then securely submitting the data when online. Filler can be used on any Microsoft© Windows™ based platform and can also be used when connected online. BROCHURE DOWNLOAD


Create and publish digital forms. You need no programming skills to create Forms in Formatta, and forms can look exactly like paper-based Forms. You can easily add formulas and validate fields to ensure data is captured accurately and completely. BROCHURE DOWNLOAD

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