The Gadsden Independent School District, Santa Teresa NM has decided to undergo a digital transformation of their student records and PDS has secured the contract for it. The project is going to be conducted in phases and by the end of it, the district is going to have a completely updated and automated method of functioning. This will lend the district freedom from unsecured file cabinets, endless paperwork, and storage costs. It will provide them with a sound and efficient system making their day-to-day tasks extremely easy.

The first phase of the project will include the conversion of student records into a digital format. Over 1.8 million images of historical student records, now stored on paper in unsecured file cabinets, microfilm and microfiche will be converted to electronic images. The software that is being implemented for the project is the ClickScan Document Management System. The software has a very simplified user interface and is easy to learn. It is also an affordable system and the district can be free from expensive storage costs associated with paper and microfilm records. Along with a reduction in these costs, it also helps prevent the loss or misplacement of files. ClickScan is built to handle institutions that are paper-intensive in nature.

A number of Canon production scanners are going to be put to use for the district’s transition. These scanners vary in terms of capacity, paper size, and speed. Document scanning is a process wherein the correct setup and appropriate technology can sort your entire document and information system quickly and smoothly. Canon is one of the best in the market for such needs and will definitely benefit the project.

Some other benefits of this project and the software being used also include full indexing capabilities. This will enable the district to index records based on their preferred criteria like student name, student number, date of birth, school, etc. This along with multiple user access is a great addition. You can choose to share information with only the relevant employees or concerned personnel and avoid any unauthorized access. You can also share access across departments making it very easy to provide customer support or collaborate with various teams.

Thanks to PDS, the district staff can unlock the real value of all the information stored in their records. This also incentivizes all the employees working at your company since daily tasks are less tedious, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities instead of wasting time searching for information. ClickScan also aids in preventing any disasters related to loss of information. The district will be able to archive and backup files. This is beneficial not only through technological glitches like a computer crash but also through problems like fire or flooding which paper files are not immune to.

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