Professional Document Systems (PDS) has been selected to perform a large-scale document scanning project for the Administrative Office of the Magistrate courts in the 5th, 6th, 8th, and 13th districts in New Mexico. The project entails scanning over 2,000,000 pages of permanent magistrate court records ensuring several short and long-term benefits for the courts.

With secure document scanning and imaging services, administrators can easily utilize information to its full optimum. The real measurable value of saving scanned versions of records is reflected in reduced costs for document management and increased efficiency.

PDS will assign a Customer Success Team to execute this project ensuring top-notch service and security to determine client satisfaction. With staff that has over 50 years of experience, impeccable service is guaranteed.

Digitizing Records have Several Benefits

Digitizing records instantly allows courts to save space and avoid costly facility upgrades to move and store paper files. The secure system used by PDS ensures safe handling and storing of these files. Once the files are converted, the courts will not only have more free space available for use but will also be benefited by increased productivity and performance.

In addition to this, PDS is also implementing their ClickScan document management system in each court. ClickScan is a document management software that has every useful feature required by an enterprise for document management at an affordable price. It allows court clerks to easily access records, allows for back up and efficient recovery of information. It also prevents loss or misplacement of files. This is being further facilitated with the 16mm microfilm back up that PDS will be providing to the courts.

Easy Retrieval and Confidentiality are Key Advantages

Overall, with PDS’s scanning solution, the ease and speed of collaborating and accessing documents will increase manyfold. With documents being electronically available, not only do they become easier to store and retrieve but allow court clerks to operate electronically, hence, reducing man-hours spent in locating and sharing files. Everything will be just a few clicks away for them which helps with lowering stress and increasing productivity. It also eases the provision of restricted access where necessary ensuring confidentiality whenever required.

If you’re interested in learning more about PDS and their new contract with the New Mexico Administrative Office of the Courts you can view their website, or call 1 (800) 644-7112. To learn more about the document scanning services offered by PDS and to get your free assessment, get in touch with us today.