The Reeves County Sheriffs Office in Texas has brought Professional Document Systems on board for their new project. This project includes the conversion of paper records into digitally scanned copies. The department, along with PDS aims to become paper-free at the earliest. This will benefit the county’s Sheriff’s office in the short and long term in several different ways. PDS will be implementing the ClickScan Document Management System (DMS). The documents to be scanned and indexed include all critical arrests, incidents, and detention records.

ClickScan DMS is a simplified scanning solution for all filing and document management needs at an affordable price. The software helps prevent loss and misplacement of files, reduces the need for filing upgrades, and in turn increases efficacies across the charts. An efficient system at the sheriff’s office will help ease their daily functions so they can help the people of the county more coherently.

Several High Production Scanners Will Be Put To Use

The transition will be made smoother with the Kofax Advanced Batch Capture and Canon high-speed production scanners. These high-tech tools ensure secure and fast-paced processes with great quality outcomes. The Canon scanners can process over 100 pages in a single minute. Along with this, PDS will also consult the Sheriff’s office regarding best practices for scanning a large volume of records. With the expertise and knowledge that PDS brings to the table, the sheriff can be ensured of a job extremely well done. A dedicated team will be allotted for the entire transition process making it easy for the office to understand the process.

PDS Will Customize The Digitization Process For This Project

Every institution has different problems to solve when they take on the digital scanning process and PDS creates a customized set of software and logistic solution to ensure that everyone at the organization can benefit in the most optimum manner. The county requires absolute secure and safe handling of all their files and records. No sensitive information can be subjected to loss, leak, or misplacement. PDS is hence the perfect partner for this project since they guarantee complete confidentiality and safe handling of all files from start to finish.

Indexing scanned records allows easy retrieval of files which in-turn makes collaboration across departments way simpler. Digitization reduces the scope for error in critical county records and permits easy referencing, sharing, and access. Reduced man-hours for finding and locating record files and no constant need for manual updates in paperwork make things a lot easier around the office as well. The Reeves County Sheriff’s Office is going to be set up for this transition soon and with staff at PDS that has experience of over 50 years, incredible service is an easy promise. 

If you’re interested in learning more about PDS and their new contract with the Reeves County Sheriff’s Office you can view their website, or call 1 (800) 644-7112.To learn more about the document scanning services offered by PDS and to get your free assessment, get in touch with us today.