El Paso, TX-Professional Document Systems announced an exciting partnership with the El Paso Independent School District to optimize their warehouse boxed storage with the StorageTrack solution. The PDS solution increased the district’s efficiencies in identifying and collecting archived boxed information within their warehouse.
In a span of six weeks, PDS was able to reconfigure EPISD’s software to match the warehouse where the district’s records are housed and retrieved. PDS tackled the project hands-on by reentering and relabeling over 8,000 boxes of the district records into StorageTrack. This allowed for a more convenient and reliable document management solution.

“Since EPISD’S warehouse move, they have been challenged to locate their records quickly, and us reconfiguring their warehouse gives them instantaneous access to their boxed records.” -Matt Bowman, President of PDS

The El Paso Independent School District (or EPISD) is one of several public school districts serving El Paso, Texas (USA). Originally organized in 1883, it is currently the largest district in the Texas Education Agency’s Educational Service Center (ESC) Region 19, as well as the largest district within the city of El Paso and El Paso County.

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