The Public Works Department at Bernalillo County appoints Professional Document Systems (PDS) to transform the way they function thanks to their large format scanning services. PDS has been assigned to pack, load, and transport 58 large format flat drawers. These drawers contain over 15,000 drawings of critical county infrastructure projects. This is right in time as the department, along with other departments of the county are supposed to operate from a new facility in 2021. It is an extremely important project for the county and PDS is prepared to leave no stone unturned for a smooth transition.

Large format documents are relatively harder to maintain and store. Digitizing them makes them not only conveniently accessible but they also take up no physical space. The images can be reproduced digitally without compromising their quality. The project is scheduled to be conducted in three phases. Each phase will be converted and then imported into the county’s content management platform – Application Extender. This platform is also supported by PDS. Saving these large documents onto an online platform will set the county up for absolute efficiency and a clutter-free space.

Application Extender 101

The project is going to leverage OpenText’s document imaging and data capturing technology. The Application Extender is a suite of applications that are literally everything you will need in the space of content management. It will allow the county to seamlessly save and access documents along with data. This eliminates the need to type in data to store it thus leaving no scope for errors. Through this, the department will experience uninterrupted integration with the aid of PDS’s expertise.

Some other uses of Application Extender include WebExtender that provides easy and inexpensive web access to authorized personnel inside and outside the organization. Workflow Manager and Report Manager are other features that automate the flow of information through the enterprise and allow electronic report generation respectively, both of which enhance productivity. Media distribution, ascent capture, and bridges to enterprise applications will also be very handy functions for the county.

Additional Benefits of the Large Format Scanning Project

The need for digging into endless number files in several drawers of the county’s cabinets can finally be put to rest. All necessary information can be found at the click of a button. Using filing cabinets is not only inefficient and outdated but also labeling, maintaining, and accurately storing information is a redundant and exhausting full-time job. Going digital will save the department time, effort, and money. A database is also far more useful than thousands of files that only slow you down.

With this project, the public works department can claim under-utilized office space. Large documents in cabinets that only get bigger in number are a sheer waste of space. Marking every point of a paper trail and going on a search mission for a single document calls for a lot of investment of time and effort. Hoards of paper are also not appealing to look at or work amidst. It results in a loss of employee morale and causes a lot of obstacles in daily activities resulting in inefficiency. That can negatively impact the functioning and image of the county’s public-affiliated department.

Digitizing their documents will help the department in areas of mobility, ease in collaboration, the security of information, having the most recently updated versions, and a highly automated workflow. This project will definitely be an added factor in the county’s hat. 

About PDS

PDS is a document management service provider that has a holistic approach to document scanning services & large format scanning services for every business. They take pride in their professionalism, pace, and accuracy when it comes to completing projects. Their services differ from project to project based on the needs of their customers. With a team of trained technicians and all the right partners, PDS is all set to help the Bernalillo county with a fresh start in their new office space. The new paperless office will allow employees to get work done much quicker and utilize their time productively.

To know more about this project visit you can contact PDS online, or call 1 (800) 644-7112. To learn more about the document scanning services offered by PDS and to get your free assessment, get in touch with us today.