Albuquerque, NM, July 3rd, 2019 – PDS (Professional Document Systems Inc.) has just announced the completion of a working project with Bernalillo Public Schools. The project included the scanning, indexing, and importing of over 800,000 pages of school records. The records included student data, human resource records, special education information, board meeting minutes, and financing details. The project was completed in four phases over a four-month period and will now allow the Bernalillo Public School staff to access and manage their data more effectively for the long-term.

Another key element of the contract with the Bernalillo Public Schools system is the upgrading of their Laserfiche system. PDS has been contracted to improve the system to streamline workflow processes and improve operations across the district.

What This Upgrade Means for Bernalillo Public Schools

Data Control

The scanning and importing of their school records will allow staff at local Bernalillo schools to gain greater control over their data. Data imported by PDS will now be available at the touch of a button from connected devices within the system, ensuring that information can be accessed and updated easily. This type of data control is often crucial within the public school system, where organizations must continue to improve working efficiency to meet cost-efficiency targets.


Another of the key benefits is that members of the Bernalillo schools system will be able to automate many of their working processes across the district. Processes relating to working data can be managed effectively, and administrative teams can be allocated more efficiently.


There are also the many advantages of going paperless that will now be offered to local schools. Paperless processing of data is the way forward throughout all marketplaces, and the public school system is no exception.

As part of a move toward paperless operations, the school system can improve the safety of their data. They’re no longer relying solely on locked filing cabinets and drawers to protect the data of thousands of students and staff. The Laserfiche system is designed for the highest levels of security so that only authorized personnel can access data. Any instances of data access are recorded, so authorized personnel can see who accessed which piece of data and at what time. That is the ideal data security environment and means the organization can proactively protect their staff.

Another key benefit of the move towards paperless document management is that staff from various areas of the district will be able to collaborate, using the same documents easily. Rather than faxing or scanning and emailing documents back and forth, they can now work on the document at the same time. This ensures that edits can be made swiftly, and teams can be more productive in managing documentation requirements.

About PDS

The team at PDS is now offering a full range of scanning, importing, and document management services to clients across the country. To learn more about PDS and their market experience, please visit PDS’s website at or by calling 1-(505) 872-2222 today.