PDS (Professional Document Systems) has just announced the completion of a project with the City of Hobbs, New Mexico. The project involved the implementation of ApplicationXtender (AX), which will help the city’s human resources department manage all active city employee files. As part of their working project, PDS also scanned, indexed, and imported all active files into the AX system. 

The Scope of the Project With PDS

Involving five experienced PDS operators working at the city’s offices over four weeks, the project is designed to allow human resources teams to improve their management processes. PDS helped bring the Hobbs HR department up to standard with other city departments already taking advantage of AX.

The City of Hobbs now has full AX licensing within their human resources department. The implementation of AX by PDS also included onsite training. So, city officials are now well versed in the many benefits that AX can bring to their human resources team and will be able to capitalize on these benefits in their daily schedules.

As part of their scanning work, PDS worked directly at the City of Hobbs offices to complete the scanning processes. The company’s scanning team has decades of experience in scanning integration with document management solutions and was able to complete the work to the precise requirements of their client. They then trained department team members in AX, giving them the information they needed to begin using the scanned documents and software immediately.

How Will ApplicationXtender Help?

ApplicationXtender is considered one of the leading product options for companies looking to centralize their document management processes. One of the top reasons the city officials in Hobbs, New Mexico selected the product was its workflow management system. Using the system, teams can quickly and securely share information across offices and collaborate on work projects. This helps to enhance productivity and ensures that all human resources members are communicating regarding their working processes. For example, during the onboarding process, new employees can be automatically added to in-house databases, minimizing the need to manually enter information and fill out documentation.

Another key benefit of AX is that it will allow all users to gain quick access to the information they need through its Full-Text Search functionality. Full-Text Search allows the user to navigate all files quickly so that they can find a precise word or phrase. The query engine also allows the user to navigate via file type so that all files can be searched with the highest level of precision. As with other areas of the software, the text search is connected to a role-based access system, and users are only given access based on their role within the organization. Human resources team leaders within the city of Hobbs will now gain greater control over employee and city data while empowering staff with a simpler method for achieving full data security.

AX will also help Hobbs city officials achieve access to their information regardless of their current location. The system is designed so that authorized personnel can get the information they need on the go through a secure portal. AX is also designed to improve security for working teams. The city officials in Hobbs, New Mexico will benefit from single sign-on technologies and a dynamic authentication engine that allows authorized human resources team members to quickly enter the system while keeping non-authorized users out.

About PDS

The team at PDS is committed to professional scanning and document management systems integration. To learn more about their work with the City of Hobbs, New Mexico, please visit PDS’s website at www.pdswest.com or by calling 1-(505) 872-2222 today.