PDS has recently been hard at work in Espanola, New Mexico where they have implemented their ClickScan document management solution in both the human resource and special education departments of Espanola Municipal Schools. The records scanned into the secured ClickScan system included both current and historical student data, human resource and special education records.  PDS has improved the system by streamlining workflow processes and improving operations across the district.

What is ClickScan?

ClickScan is an easy-to-use and affordable document management software program directed towards small businesses. It offers a user-friendly document management program that provides all of the desirable features found in enterprise document management systems with a more simplified design. Espanola Municipal School staff can be trained easily and quickly on this system, allowing the focus to remain on what matters, the business of educating the city’s children.

How ClickScan Benefits Espanola Municipal Schools

Better Data Control: Scanning and importing all of the school’s human resource and special education department’s records gives the staff at Espanola schools more control over their data. All of the data imported by PDS is now available at the touch of a button from devices connected within the system.

Greater Efficiency: Members of the Espanola municipal school system are able to automate many of their processes related to working data throughout the district. Data is managed more effectively allowing administrative teams to be allocated more efficiently. Information can be easily accessed and updated as needed, improving both work and cost efficiency targets for Espanola municipal schools.

Paperless: The advantage of going paperless in today’s world cannot be overstressed, both from an environmental perspective – as we’ve come to understand the importance of saving trees – and the convenience of having the information you need at your fingertips.

By going paperless and moving to digital data management, Espanola municipal schools have increased the safety of their data. Locked filing cabinets do not provide the same level of security as a system designed with the highest levels of security ensuring only authorized personnel can have access to sensitive and personal records. Any attempts to access the data are recorded allowing those authorized to see who has gained access and when, improving security and ensuring accountability.

Increased Collaboration

Staff from different areas in the district, at different schools, and in different roles will be able to easily collaborate accessing the same documents simultaneously. Eliminating the need to scan, fax, or email documents back and forth, they can now all work on the same document at the same time. Updates and edits are effective immediately and teams will be more productive working together to manage documentation requirements.

About PDS

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