Professional Document Systems (PDS) has signed a contract with Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD and will be rolling out the LaserFiche Content Management Platform for the district this year.

“The areas that will be primarily affected by the rollout are the Human Resources, Payroll, Accounts Payable, and Student Records departments at Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD; however, there will be significant upgrades made to Accounts Payable processing as well,” says Matt Bowman, President of PDS.

Why the LaserFiche Content Management Platform

Along with the base LaserFiche Content Platform, improvements will be made to:

  • Document Classification – Assigns a document to one or more classes or categories.
  • Zonal OCR – Provides optical character recognition when scanning documents.
  • Database Lookups – Quickly allows you to search a database of records.
  • Auto Indexing – Scans large amounts of documents with controlled vocabulary to index them accordingly.
  • Workflows – A series of steps in which workflows or gets completed.

Also, the system will encompass a “quick fields” advanced capture for AP. Quick fields allow you to scan, identify, clean, retrieve, name, store, and fill out metadata of almost any document.

“Content management is a must in today’s digital world,” says Bowman, “We are confident these processes will help to improve productivity and streamline all of the organization’s current systems.”

Who is LaserFiche and why work with them

LaserFiche provides Content Management Platforms that allow organizations to manage documents, images, videos, and other content. They have a variety of specialized solutions and are a trusted partner driving efficiency and innovation with digitization and automation.

About PDS

The team at PDS is committed to secure document scanning services and implementation of document management systems. To learn more, please visit PDS’s website at or call  1-(800) 644-7112.