Microfilm Scanners

ScanPro® i9300 All-In-One™

We all know that original blipped film scanners are aging, and there are limited options for repairing them. That’s where the universal solution – the ScanPro® i9300 All-In-One™ comes into play – it can capture ALL of your blipped film, whether it is Kodak, Canon, Minolta, 3M AGFA or custom formatted film regardless of brand – single level, two level or three level, simplex, duplex, and duo. Although all brands and models of digital microfilm scanners can read blipped film “images”, only the ScanPro i9300 All-In-One is able to read “blips” image marks for indexed searching including all common and custom one, two and three level image marks (blips). In addition, the i9300 All-In-One microfilm scanner can read, scan, print on-demand and convert roll film, fiche and jacketed fiche at up to 100 images per minute.

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ScanPro 2200 All-In-One

We have revolutionized the lowest cost microfilm scanner on the market today – and, it’s full of value. At e-ImageData, we are proud to continue to offer the best universal solution for replacing your old reader/printer and at a budget-friendly price. The 2200 All-In-One provides even more features and benefits that allow working with microfilm easier and faster than ever before.

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ScanPro® 3000 All-In-One™

The universal ScanPro® 3000 All-In-One™ has a 26 megapixel camera1 that is the only camera in the micrographic industry to utilize pixel-shifting technology to provide the best image producing microfilm scanner on the market with the clearest image. The 26 megapixel camera is highest in the industry with a large, 6.6 megapixel image sensor that is 8 times greater than any other manufacturer. The 3000 All-In-One’s high-performance camera captures clean crisp images that make working with all types of microfilm fast, accurate and easy.

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