Albuquerque Public Schools has assigned Professional Document Systems (PDS) the responsibility to convert their student records into digital data. The task involves the conversion of over 1,000 microfilm reels of historical student data. These 16mm films containing 3,000,000 images will be imported into a new ClickScan document management system. The data is to be then saved at the district records center.

ClickScan is an extremely affordable software system that solves any data filing, storage, or document management issue. It helps prevent the misplacement of files, reduces office clutter, and is cost-effective in the short and long term. While ClickScan can be used in just about any industry, the highly data-intensive ones can see a huge benefit in upgrading to this system for document management.

This process of converting films into digitally accessible data is going to be a game-changer for the schools. Through microfiche and microfilm scanning, every piece of old data gets saved into an online storage and archive solution. The information can be analyzed, classified, and auto-tagged which makes it searchable and retrievable.  A quick and accurate job by PDS will not only ease the diurnal tasks of the school employees but also boost their morale as they don’t have to go through each microfilm closely to get pieces of information anymore.

Benefits of Microfilm Scanning

While every organization has one key reason behind digitizing microfilms, there are several benefits attached to the process

Makes Data Accessible Anytime You Need It

The problem with searching microfilm is that it is nowhere close to real-time. Searching through several films, loading reader printers, finding the image needed, and then printing out legible copies of it is a task. This can be completely negated once the records are digitized. Retrieving information can be just a few clicks away.

Mitigate Compliance and Other Risks

With the records scanned and backed up, the public schools can ensure that no files are lost, damaged, or inaccessible at any point. With this, any kind of legal risk or compliance issue can be easily tackled. Loss of information, even if it is through natural causes, can be very dangerous and can jeopardize the reputation of an organization or get them in trouble. Scanned information that is updated in a software is not only secure but can be accessed only by the right people.

Perceptual and Environmental Advantage

Having digitized records will transform the image of the school. It will make the school seem technologically advanced and progressive with this change. Digital records lead to enhanced customer experience and can be examples of a revolutionized approach by discarding old practices. Online storage of information is also a very environmentally sound practice and very sustainable in the long run.

Easy Preservation, Reduced Costs, and Efficiency

Preserving microfilms is a very strenuous task. They can face degradation and become unreadable if they’re not stored in ideal facilities. By scanning the films, any kind of information is preserved conveniently and loss of data can be prevented. Costs of physical storage and labor also go down since the whole process is automated. This leads to overall organizational efficiency.

About PDS

PDS provides a superior level of service and hassle-free processes from start to finish. They will undertake the planning, management, and quality control of the entire project to make sure the schools can have complete peace of mind.

Future proof your data and trust PDS to do the best job with it. To know more about this project with Albuquerque Public Schools, you can contact PDS online, or call 1 (800) 644-7112.

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