A new step towards civic innovation is being taken by the City of Andrews in Texas as they bring in Professional Document Systems (PDS) for a new project. PDS will be implementing their Laserfiche document management system to automate and enhance processes for the City. The Finance and City secretaries’ office will be the first to begin the digital transformation of city records.

Laserfiche will provide the ability to establish and deploy information management standards throughout the enterprise. The system will also give the City of Andrews the ability to customize the system to meet their specific needs. Laserfiche embraces compliance and mitigates risks while also innovating record keeping.

With document imaging, standardized management processes, and record management ingrained in the core system structure, Laserfiche will enhance the city’s workflow in a cohesive manner. The new automated process will enable the city to get rid of paper bureaucracy and enable efficient team collaboration from a central location. This will help them leverage unstructured data to its absolute optimum.

Data Security and Maximum Public Benefits Are at the Forefront of This Process

Document repositories with secure all-round access and granular controls will protect all the unstructured data through encryption. Streamlined vendor management will also reduce the possibility of any third party risk. Overall the City will be equipped to provide all of its citizens with robust, digital connections to public information and government services.

The City can also benefit from digitized record-keeping as there will be more free space available considering paper records require more room and space upgrades constantly. This would also make its way towards the effective management and prevention of redundant, obsolete and trivial data ensuring efficacy and accuracy in day-to-day activities.  

Facilitated Collaboration and Reliable Backups

An additional advantage can be seen in the possibility of backups and faster report generation along with easy retrieval of data and gathering insights from analyzing systematized data. Electronically storing information with the help of PDS will also allow the City to stay organized effortlessly and set a good example by reducing their carbon footprint. Timeliness is paramount for a government body and with electronic records and reduced routing of basic tasks; a significant push in readiness to take on more responsibility will be seen.

Through PDS’s Laserfiche implementation, the City of Andrews will be able to revolutionize the way their information is managed, protected, shared and presented.

If you’re interested in learning more about PDS and their new contract with the City of Andrews, Texas, you can view their website, or call 1 (800) 644-7112.
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